Saturday, January 28, 2006
Wow!! We are now getting over 300 visitors aday at But guess what? YEP, no one cares enough to help keep it alive. Oh, you guy's love all of this work I'm doing for you. But no one wants to go to the promotions page, and show some love. There are free trials on the promo page, and If you sign up I get paid. I get paid money which I can turn around and put back into FreeFlicks. So, please go there now, and get a free trial. I am doing this for free right now, and no one has even said thanks. Your all a bunch of greedy ingrates who just want free stuff. Well F@[% you

(sorry been drinkin again, daddy loves you)

Here's a button if you want to get back on my good side. Look, all we need is a hundred bucks. Donate what you can and enjoy the free movies.

and here's your damn movie, if you want more, you know where to go. It's free, you are annonymous, just watch movies on a page just like this, Only more movies per page, and they load faster there.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

So, you still havn't gone to the new home site huh? Well guess what you're missing, Very Funny Stuff. I just simply don't have time to update every site every day. but I am, constantly working on the new site getting it ready for when it become Here's a little sample of what you are missing:
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